The My Business Update platform contains the MBU tool and the Business Management Programme.

Boost your business and stay ahead with My Business Update!

The MBU is an online management system that offers a systematic view about your organization.
It is composed by modules which perform the business processes management.


Business proposals

It has the resources to manage and control the new business prospecting and follow-up after-sales.

Considering the company's cost matrix, the bid price is automatically calculated.

Dynamic graphics on sales performance.


In Projects do the planning, monitoring and delivering your demands.

Some features: backlog control, team management, assets management, economic control, content import and export.


The module provides features for managing the company's relationships with its customers.

Also, manage business opportunities.


The module provides functionality for team management, from the allocation to the matrix cost control.


The module provides features for managing acquisitions and control the buying process.


In this module you have resources to control inventory. It provides information for the other modules about matrix costs and maintenance.

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